Sunday, April 18, 2010

Coming Soon... Sweet Potato Bread

So, since I have been REALLY MIA, just a quick note to say that I do intend on posting this week's SMS recipe, Sweet Potato Bread, later today (its 12:45 am). I have lots to fill you in on, but gotta catch some z's, then up early to bake and post before another 14+ hour day at the office (yes, on a Sunday).



  1. No worries! Get some sleep, and hopefully work won't be too bad.

    Hope that you've been okay!

  2. Yes your back! Im so looking fwd to see your wonderful bread! You have been missed greatly!
    I hope you get some good sleep. See you soon!

  3. Wonderful looking cake and an excellent choice.

    You have a wonderful excuse not to have been blogging. You are not superwoman. You are preparing to be a Mommy.