Tuesday, January 27, 2009

TWD: Fresh Ginger and Chocolate Gingerbread Cake

(dictated by Lorelei, transcribed by Mathias)
I am thrilled to have been well enough to make this week's TWD recipe. I am still not blogging on my own so this post will be short and sweet :) This week's recipe was chosen by Heather of Sherry Trifle. You can find the recipe for the fresh ginger and chocolate gingerbread cake on her blog. Also check out the TWD blog roll for many other posts about this delicious cake.

Like many other TWD'ers I made a few modifications. First, I did not have a 9 inch square pan so I used a 9 inch round pan and this worked out just fine. I did however have to increase the baking time by 7 minutes for a total of 47 minutes at 350 deg. Second, I substituted the stem ginger in syrup for candied ginger from Trader Joe's. And lastly, I used a combination of bitter-sweet and semi-sweet chocolate in the cake and frosting.

The results: moist, rich but at the same time light, must be a relative of carrot cake - in summary, fantastic (Mathias here!).

Chopped candied ginger and semi-sweet and bitter-sweet chocolate chunks.

Uncooked cake in pan in the oven.

Browned cake cooling before frosting.

Frosted cake!


  1. Your cake looks great! Good job.

  2. YUM! Your gingerbread looks great.

  3. The cake looks gorgeous! Feel better. :o)

  4. I like it round. Looks luscious.

  5. Hey, I really like the round-look. Your cake does look extremely luscious!

  6. Your cake is gorgeous! I love the pic of the crystallized ginger and chocolate...what a nice contrast!

  7. I definitely benefited from this post! Thank you, Lorelei, for dropping off the entire cake and beautiful flowers to cheer me up at work. I love anything with ginger and this cake was moist and tasted fantastic, especially with the chocolate frosting.