Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Virgin Post

Well, after reading amazing and wonderful baking blogs for months and months and months, I decided to join the fray. I don't really think I'm gonna turn out to be that great of a blogger - but I really want to join all those fabulous online baking blog clubs like TWD and Daring Bakers and Cookie Carnival. So, here it is.

I think the most appropriate subject and picture for my first post is how my longtime love of baking turned the tide into a full-blown obsession. It was way back in February around Valentine's day. My brother-in-law was visiting from Nicaragua and he and my husband took a road trip to Oregon for business. While he was away, I was brainstorming on what I could do for him for Valentine's day to show my love. I thought about filling the apartment with flowers - aka My Sweet Home Alabama (love that movie) - but thought that while I would love that - he may not. Then my crazy thinking hat came on, and I thought - what if I fill the apartment with cupcakes?? I was sold. So the night before he came home I went to the store and bought baking mixes (I know - but this was before I learned so much on the bloggesphere about how to do it right from scratch). The picture below was the result. My obession with cupcakes, finding the perfect recipes, trying new recipes and scouring the baking blog world began. 11 Months later - Mermaid Sweets is finally on the scene.

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